This video tutorial is relatively simple and requires that we add our own HTTPInput node, and is intended for new users of the IBM Integration Bus Toolkit.
These tutorial videos will increase in difficulty and involvement as you become more familiar with the Palette and Nodes.

This video demonstrates a simple message flow which receives XML data over HTTP. The flow transforms the input XML structure into a different output XML structure using a Compute node (whose behavior is based on ESQL), and sends this back to the HTTP request.

In IBM Integration Bus, message flows can be used to transform input data structures into output data structures. Several transformation options are provided including a Compute node (which uses ESQL), a Mapping node, a JavaCompute node (which can navigate data using an IBM Integration Bus Java API or JAXB), an XSL Transform node and a .NETCompute node.

The video is best viewed at full size on YouTube with headphones/speakers: Toolkit Tutorial Video 3

Alternatively it is embedded here:

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