IBM Integration Bus is a compatible evolution of WebSphere Message Broker that is designed to incorporate features that are found in WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus. IBM Integration Bus provides a universal integration capability that addresses a wide range of integration scenarios. These scenarios include web services such as SOAP and REST, messaging, database, file, ERP systems, mobile, physical devices, email, custom systems and more.

You can use the WebSphere ESB conversion tool to import and convert mediation modules developed for WebSphere ESB in WebSphere Integration Developer or IBM Integration Designer.

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What are the reasons to convert from WebSphere ESB to IBM Integration Bus?

Video recording of 22 January 2015 webinar “What are the reasons to migrate WebSphere ESB to IBM Integration Bus?”

Target audience: IT professionals using WebSphere ESB.

Topics covered include:

  1. The road map for IBM’s ESB software products
  2. Introducing IBM Integration Bus
  3. Comparing WebSphere ESB to the functionally richer IBM Integration Bus
  4. Conversion tool that harvests WebSphere ESB artifacts and accelerates conversion to IBM Integration Bus
  5. Mapping WebSphere ESB topologies to IBM Integration Bus

Length: 44:15 min | Size: 68.0 MB

Download the .pdf file (2.24 MB)
Download the .mp4 file (68.0 MB)

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Other considerations when moving to IBM Integration Bus

There are additional considerations when moving across from an existing WebSphere ESB deployment to IBM Integration Bus. These include:

  • Leveraging new capabilities within IBM Integration Bus. What is new in IBM Integration Bus for a WebSphere ESB user?
  • Handling differences in deployment of modules – IBM Integration Bus does not include an explicit “cluster” concept, but has a more flexible relationship between deployed modules and integration servers.

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Overview of IIB from a WESB user’s perspective

Recording of the 29 January 2015 webcast, to learn how WebSphere ESB application development concepts and tools are compared to those of IBM Integration Bus.

Target audience: WebSphere ESB (WESB) developers and administrators looking for an introduction to IBM Integration Bus (IIB).

Length: 58.5 min | Size: 95.0 MB

Download the .pdf file (804 KB)
Download the .mp4 file (95.0 MB)

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Planning your Migration From IBM WESB to IBM Integration Bus

This webinar offers an outline of the techniques used by IBM Software Services to create a plan for customer conversions.

Length: 55 min | Size: 90.4 MB

Download the .pdf file (1.46 MB)
Download the .mp4 file (90.4 MB)

This two-part article series shows you how to convert WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus (WebSphere ESB) resources so that they can be used by the new IBM Integration Bus product.

  1. Converting WebSphere ESB resources for use in IBM Integration Bus: Part 1
  2. Converting WebSphere ESB resources for use in IBM Integration Bus: Part 2
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