The following are common questions regarding the WebSphere ESB conversion tool:

Q: When will WESB 7.x go out of service?

A: 30 April 2018 see the announce. The service for WESB 6.2 on distributed platforms has also been extended to 30 April 2018.
Q: How long do I get to move across from WESB to IIB once I have transferred the license?

A: IBM Integration Bus Developer Edition is free to use and is not time limited so you can use this for as long as you need while also holding WESB licenses. Once you have transferred a WESB licence to IIB you have 90 days of concurrent usage. You can apply for a “Temporary Additional Use Waiver” to extend this to one year, contact your IBM representative to assist if this is required.
Q: I’m in the middle of a WESB development cycle. What can I do to make conversion easier in the future?

A: The Conversion Best Practices page addresses this question.
Q: Can I run WESB v7.5 and WAS v8 together?

A: WESB v7.5 mediation modules can interoperate with applications running on WAS v8+ using the supplied bindings for Web Services, Messaging or EJB. WESB v7.5 servers must run in a cell with a Deployment Manager at the v7 level, which will be a separate cell from any WAS v8+ servers.

Q: How can I get more information?

A: Please contact your IBM representative if you would like a one-on-one discussion of IBM’s ESB strategy or to discuss concerns around conversion.

You can use the WebSphere ESB discussion forum on DeveloperWorks to discuss your questions and progress.
Converting WebSphere ESB Forum

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  1. Birendra Singh September 05, 2018

    What is differences between IIB ACTIVE/ACTIVE and , Active/Passive HA Solution. Which one is recommended for HA Solution?

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