IBM Integration Bus supplies a WebSphere ESB conversion tool as part of the Integration Toolkit. The conversion tool accelerates the conversion of development artifacts created for WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus in WebSphere Integration Developer or IBM Integration Designer to IBM Integration Bus development artifacts.

The conversion tool follows a five-step process:

  1. Import WebSphere ESB assets in a Project Interchange File
  2. Select the objects within the file to be converted
  3. Identify the converters (built-in, placeholder or custom) to be used for each object
  4. Convert the assets, generating corresponding IBM Integration Bus flows
  5. Review and action tasks created by the conversion process to complete the conversion

IBM Integration Bus v10 supplies a selection of built-in converters, a place-holder converter which creates an empty subflow, and two sample custom converters.
WebSphere ESB user-defined converters sample

For more information on the conversion tool, see The WebSphere ESB conversion tool and Converting WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus resources by using the WebSphere ESB conversion tool.

For details on the WebSphere ESB conversion tool capabilities, see WebSphere ESB conversion tool capabilities.

You can download a free to use version of the Integration Toolkit as described Getting started with IBM Integration Bus for Developers. This includes the WebSphere ESB conversion tool.
Get started with IBM Integration Bus

In order to enable and encourage 3rd-party extension of the conversion tool, the source code has been published on the Open Technologies for Integration (OT4I) github repository.
WESB-IIB Conversion tool

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