In this overview we show you how easy it is to use the Service Registry dashboard UI, brand new in version 8.5, to find services in the catalog, manage those services, control them, and visualize who is consuming them.

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  1. Dynamic endpoint protection and verification

    • From that stand point of Dynamic endpoint and verification, yes the defining of the proper metadata on the services can provide that. You need to the ESB or gateway to interface with the repository to read the governance metadata. Either data in the inbound message or the governance personal can dictate the endpoints thus providing both dynamic and using the SLA verification (governance) on who can use what service and the level of service.

  2. How would one go about migrating an HP Systinet repository to WSRR?


    • You have to build the governance model you want, customized it. Export the assets and using the REST interface build out a program to populate the WSRR model. We did this for company back at version 6.2..

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