After finding a suitable service developers can download the full set of service definition documents.

Once you have found a service to reuse, it’s easy to download the set of service definition documents that define the service. These are WSDL and XSD documents that contain the technical definition of a service, and are what an application developer needs to create a client and start calling a service.

WSRR stores WSDL and XSD documents, and sometimes these definitions are split into several different documents, each dependent upon one another. For example, the WSDL that stores the endpoints can be separate from the WSDL that stores the interface of the service, which is separate from the XSD that stores the definition of the objects that the service expects.

This separation can make downloading all the documents you need to author a service client tricky, you used to have to click around a fair bit to find where they are in the WSRR object model. On the Action menu there is a link called “Download Service Definition Documents” that creates a ZIP archive of all the WSDL and XSD files that a service uses to define itself. You can then take the ZIP archive and import it into your tools to create a service client.

In this video, WSRR developer Jack Wadsted demonstrates how this works:

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