Graphical visualization tools aid in understanding which consumers would be impacted by making a change to a service.

You can perform impact analysis by using the Service Consumption Visualizer widget in the Service Registry Dashboard. The widget provides a visualization of which service consumers would be impacted by a change to a service version. See Visualize service consumption for more details.

There are also two graphical widgets. The Navigator widget show “one up and one down” related objects in a simple graphical view. The Graphical explorer widget shows all relationships to and from the focused object to a configurable depth.

  • Impact analysis in the WSRR 8.5.0 product documentation

    The parent page providing an overview of WSRR facilities for analyzing the dependencies between services. Links are provided to other pages for more detailed information about impact analysis with WSRR, including patterns of impact analysis, performing impact analysis, analyzing dependencies between documents,analyzing dependencies between logical service objects, and analyzing dependencies between concepts.

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