managing-consumersService owners can specify the consumption level that each app is allowed. Policies can then be put in place to instruct IBM DataPower to enforce these limits.

Service owners can review requests to reuse their services. If they are happy that their service can support the consuming application, it can be registered in the service registry, and a Service Level Agreement (SLA) can be created to specify the consumption level that an application is allowed. To find out how consumption levels can be enforced, see Control.

Application and service owners can easily make a consumption request using the Consume this Version wizard:


You can easily find an existing service or application to consume the service, or create a new service or application:

choice to create a new consumer, or find an existing service or application

For a new application you can complete the details in the wizard:

creating a new application to consume a service

You can specify details of your usage of the service in the wizard:

adding service level requirements to consume a service

Once you are done, the new application is created and a consumption request is automatically made to the service:

viewing the new application and service consumption request

In the following videos, David Seager shows how WSRR V8.5.5 makes it easy to register consumers of a service:

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