Services need to change over time. WSRR service registry helps to manage these changes by allowing each version of a service to be taken through the service lifecycle independently. For example, the initial version of a service might be deployed to production with several applications that consume it, while a subsequent version might still be in test. Owners of applications that consume the initial version can be notified that a new version is on the way, which allows them to test their application works with the new version before they migrate to it.

The detail view allows you to easily switch between versions of a service:


WSRR V8.5.5 makes it easy to register new service versions, as shown in the following video:

In this video, WSRR developer James Hook demonstrates the proactive email notification feature for WSRR. This allows the direct emailing of owners and consumers of a particular service. This can be useful for setting up agreements to consume a particular service or inform consumers of an upgrade, outage or a new version of a service.

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