The WSRR Service Registry provides a simple, yet powerful search with auto-suggest and filtering of results.

You can simply start typing and WSRR provides suggestions to find anything you are looking for. If you need to look for a certain type of entity, such as a service, then just select the type using the drop down list.

When initial search results are displayed, you can use filters to drill down into the results. You can easily filter down to certain types, entities in a certain state, or entities with a set of classification tags.

The filtering works entirely in the web browser in memory, so it is pretty fast. For the filters of the same type (classification of the same root class or system, object type or state) the filters are additive, so you could for example filter down to all objects of type Service Version or Process Version, and in the In Production state.

The filtering feature makes finding things pretty easy when they are all classified correctly. You can drill down a set of results by geography, or line of business, or whatever you have used to classify them.

Because this is WSRR, you can then customize all this behaviour for your end users; restrict which types they can search on, which filters they are offered, and how the filters are presented to them.

In this video WSRR developer Matt Fawcett demonstrates how this all works.

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