Haddon Hill Group provides a range of service offerings surrounding IBM WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR) SOA and Service Governance Services.

Haddon Hill Group announces updates to their series of service offerings surrounding IBM WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR) SOA and Service Governance Services

Welcome from Haddon Hill Group Inc. (HHG)…

For the last 5 years, the HHG’s consistent team of consultants, with the direct leadership of our CTO, has been implementing WSRR centric SOA and Service Governance projects at multiple WebSphere clients. HHG has also been a continuous participant in the WSRR Early Access Programs helping drive capability into the last three product releases from the field requirements of real client use cases.

HHG has created, on its private cloud, a fully integrated SOA Policy and Governance environment across WSRR, DataPower, ITCAM for SOA and WebSphere Integration Broker. HHG helped define the initial SOA SLA Policy use cases at the first client alongside the IBM development team. HHG has used these assets to help find and close WSRR deals that extend into runtime integration infrastructure. HHG demos are also fully Hypervisor Edition-enabled, so we can also demonstrate the value of IBM PureApplications managing the solution footprint as a virtual system.

And more importantly, HHG continues to build integration assets to align SOA and Service Governance with API Management, providing assets and guidance on extending current SOA and Service Governance models to embrace the governance of exposed APIs calling backend services. This provides for dependency management, impact analysis and SLA/SLD enablement for service extensions into web APIs. For more information on HHG’s API Management capabilities, please visit our API Management web page on our website.

For more information about services provided by HHG, please contact George Knoll, gknoll@haddonhillgroup.com.

WSRR and SOA Governance

WSRR provides a powerful tool kit to implement sophisticated SOA and Service Governance both during design time as well as run time. However, the implementation does require customization, often consuming key client decision makers including Enterprise Architects, Development, and Operations staff in requirements and design sessions. Utilizing Haddon Hill Group’s extensive experience in SOA Governance, SOMA, SDLCs, Operations and WSRR customization, we provide a modular set of integrated and cross-referenced prescriptive components, so that an enterprise client can quickly implement SOA Governance based on a proven WSRR customization with associated matching processes.

This more prescriptive solution can be particularly valuable when key client staff has time to review, modify and approve, but not time to fully analyze and design. A Quick Start is also appropriate when there is no time available for a lengthy Governance project but when a new large-scale SOA initiative or COTS purchase will be delivering services that must be governed from the start of that service orientation project.

This Quick Start has demonstrated the ability to cut the elapsed time to effective Governance implementation down to as little as four calendar weeks. Iterative customization can then be managed as a follow-on activity as the client becomes familiar with the capabilities of the products and the client specific requirements of their own Governance capabilities. These follow-on phases can be performed either by the client’s technical staff, or Haddon Hill Group consultants can provide professional services assistance.

Core HHG SOA and Service Governance Offerings

A WSRR Quick Start includes the following core services offerings :

  • Training workshops
  • Customised WSRR Lifecycles adapted for immediate deployment in support of Governance for all of the common artifacts for a large enterprise SOA infrastructure
  • An accompanying, consistent set of SOA Governance guidelines for processes that map to the state-transitions decisions of the customized WSRR instance.
  • Customized artifact storage within the WSRR instance of key Governance artifacts for customers who do not have an alternative repository for these artifacts.
  • Step-by-Step procedures and user manual with complete screen shots, which match both the WSRR customization as well as the Governance processes for immediate implementation.
  • A package of custom WSRR reports to support the SOA governance processes.
  • Coaching for registration of client’s existing customer Services artifacts.
  • A review of the client’s existing standards and architecture to insure that the client’s SOA governance objectives can be met during the course of artifact creation.

HHG WSRR Product Installation Package

WSRR is a full-scale enterprise application running on top of WebSphere Application Server. Installation of WSRR, especially in a locked-down environment, can be time consuming for the client’s operational staff. Haddon Hill Group provides WSRR installation services with full after-the-fact installation documentation.

Additional HHG SOA and Service Governance Offerings

Base-level offerings
Add on offerings including
Custom Consulting, Development and Support Services

SOA Governance/WSRR Quick Starts:

  1. Workshops:
    1. What is SOA Governance?
    2. SOA/Service Governance using WSRR
    3. Design time SOA Governance recommendations linked to the customer’s existing SDLC including versioning
    4. Registering existing Customer WSDL Services
    5. SOA Governance design workshop
    6. Runtime Governance and Release Processes
    7. Runtime Governance and SOA Policy
    8. Technical review of WSRR
    9. Basic SOA Architecture and Standards for Governance
  2. WSRR Governance Instance
    1. Deployed onto Customer’s WSRR base install ready for Governance at a large enterprise customer.
    2. Step-by-step procedures and user manual with complete screen shots which match both the WSRR customization as well as the Governance processes
    3. A package of custom WSRR reports to match Governance processes
    4. Customized artifact storage within the WSRR instance of all key Governance artifacts for when the customer does not have an alternative repository for these artifacts.
  1. SOA Governance Process Guidelines
    1. An accompanying, consistent set of SOA Governance guideline task descriptions that map to the state-transition decisions of the customized WSRR instance.
    2. Workshops to train customer staff on guidelines

Add-ons to the Quick Start package:

  1. Custom Requirements Analysis
    1. Requirements Facilitated Sessions and documentation via prescriptive Use Cases to elicit and define the customer-specific requirements for SOA governance driving a customized configuration and adoption of WSRR
    2. Service Catalog – Publishing, finding, and discovering services and service information with rich suite of capabilities
    3. Allow stakeholders to find and use reusable services and service information
    4. Consumer – Provider relationships
    5. Service Impact Analysis
    6. Endpoint Management
  2. Custom SOA Governance for Client Adoption
    1. SOA Governance Definitions and WSRR State Model designs custom mapped at a granular level to existing customer development processes (SDLC) and SOA standards.
    2. Working sessions to reach agreement with the key customer stakeholders on SOA governance definitions, SOA architecture and standards driving WSRR design customizations
    3. Mapping and documentation of the designs to the client’s existing Services development lifecycle
    4. Organizational maturity and SOA Center of Excellence guidance
  3. Customized process, architecture and standards consulting
    1. Customized and detailed process design for an integrated process package of:
      • Services SDLC methodology (e.g., SOMA) as part of the customer’s overall SDLC
      • SOA Governance processes customized to the customer’s requirements and organization
      • Design for configuration and customization of WSRR as required for organizational adoption
    2. SOA and Services architectures, standards, checklists and guidelines developed as required
  4. Customized WSRR Software Configuration, training and documentation
    1. WSRR customizations as required by customer specific requirements or design
    2. Run-time instance customizations based on customer infrastructure requirements
    3. Knowledge Transfer on WSRR Customizations
      • Provide training and knowledge transfer to the customer technical staff member(s) assigned to the ongoing support and operation of the customized WSRR
      • Create customized step-by-step procedure manual for SOA governance matching the specific customizations.
      • Provide training and validation of the step-by-step procedure manual by walk-through with customer staff member.
  5. Mentoring and Support for SOA governance or technical users of WSRR with coaching during the customer’s staff members registration of the various artifacts

Base WSRR Install Package

Install base WSRR Sandbox and Governance instances on customer equipment including detailed documentation from the actual install.

Advanced WSRR Install Package

  • Design Deployment and integration of production instances into the customer’s infrastructure including “Silent Install” for highly secure environments
  • Host the customer’s WSRR instance for training while the customer’s IT infrastructure for WSRR is built
  • Register and validate the customer’s existing service artifacts into WSRR to provide a turnkey implementation

ESB: Integration Broker and/or DataPower for Runtime Integration Workshops:

  • Runtime integration is specific to the details of the customer’s IIB, DP deployment and administration processes as well as to the different product versions.
  • Each product has specific patterns and customization requirements to use WSRR as the product’s Service and Policy Registry and Repository.
  • Workshop covers the requirements, design patterns and implementation templates suitable for the customer’s infrastructure and goals.
  • The deliverables include a roadmap a well as a recommended patterns and template catalog for subsequent implementation.

Policy, Integration Broker and DataPower Runtime Integration Implementations:

  • WSRR Runtime policy authoring and runtime integration specific to the customer’s infrastructure; to define, design and customize WSRR as the Policy Authoring and Administration point in within a dynamic SOA Policy runtime.
  • WSRR to IIB, DP runtime administrative design and customizations, specific to the customer’s infrastructure; to define, design and customize WSRR as the registry and repository for Services artifacts.
  • Complete the detailed design and product configurations necessary to realize the design patterns and templates.
  • Work with customer’s engineering and Operations staff to integrate, operationalize and release to production.

WSRR & API Management: Integrating service and API governance

As web APIs continue to explode on the scene, large corporations with existing SOA and service governance based on WSRR will need to extend their governance lifecycles to include APIs. This offering builds that integration between back end services and outward facing APIs.


This is accomplished with a modified Governance Enablement Profile (GEP) that includes additional capabilities for managing API metatada as well as dependency management of APIs consuming backend enterprise services.


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