This page provides links to the IBM Integration Bus v10 tutorials that are available on Github. For each tutorial, the following links are provided:
  • Details – An overview of the tutorial
  • Download archive (ZIP) – The project interchange archive file for the tutorial
  • Steps – The steps to complete for the tutorial
Normally, you can use the IBM Integration Toolkit to explore and run the tutorials within the toolkit. If you want to explore the tutorials without using the toolkit, you can use these links to read the details and steps. Some users of the Tutorials Gallery in the IBM Integration Toolkit have reported Java connection errors that prevent them from viewing and importing tutorials in the Toolkit. If you continue to have connection problems from within the Integration Toolkit, but do have a web browser connection to GitHub, you can use these links to download the project interchange archive files for tutorials and import them into the Integration Toolkit. (In your Integration Toolkit, use File > Import… > Project Interchange to import the tutorial archive file into the Application Development view in your Integration Toolkit.) See also, Downloading tutorials manually.

This page should retrieve and display links for the IBM Integration Bus tutorials in Github. If a list of tutorials does not appear, you can manually download and import tutorials into the Integration Toolkit, by using the manual procedure described in Downloading tutorials manually.