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Find out the current operational status of IBM App Connect on IBM Cloud and details of any scheduled maintenance; check the IBM App Connect status page.

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If you have questions about the service and getting started instructions, post your question on IBM Developer Answers and tag your question with “app_connect” (with an underscore).

Access IBM Support

If you need support for App Connect on IBM Cloud, you can add (submit) a ticket through IBM Cloud unified support, which you can use to assign higher severity levels (depending on your support plan); see Add a ticket form. When adding a new ticket, the form adapts to your input to help you select appropriate values for fields. Select appropriate values, as shown…

  1. Ticket type: Technical
  2. Resource context: Cloud Foundry
  3. Technical area of support: Integrate
  4. Select values for Region, Organization, and Space. These fields offer values for what you are allowed to add tickets for.
  5. Associated resource: Select the App Connect instance that you need support for
  6. Severity: If you have advanced support, select an appropriate severity for the ticket
  7. Subject: Add a subject for the ticket
  8. Brief description: Add a description of the problem that you need support for
  9. Add an attachment: (Optional) Attach up to 10 files and 25 MB total
  10. Include another user to the ticket: (Optional) Enter an email address and then click Enter

General docs: IBM Cloud Docs / Getting customer support.

Before submitting a request for support, check the help provided in the IBM Developer Answers forum, and consider asking a question there: App Connect forum.

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