Coming in hot off the heels of our availability in London we now have a new look and feel to the IoT Foundation service. This has involved an overhaul of the main landing page, Quickstart service and main dashboard.

LandingThe new landing page better articulates the problems our service addresses and adds links to the relevant places in Bluemix and the IoT Solutions page. It also adds a high level diagram of how the pieces of a solution fit together addressing one of the first questions a user has when new to the service.

NewQuickstartWe have also overhauled the Quickstart service: As well as better describing how to use the Quickstart with next steps the service now accepts device identifiers that aren’t based on MAC addresses. So there is greater flexibility on what identifier you use within your device. However, remember this is a public service open to all so it is down to you to make sure your device identifier remains unique. We will warn you if we think there is a clash.

For the dashboard we have simplified the design with the aim of removing some of the barriers identified by testing on new users. Whilst the main function of the dashboard remains unchanged at this time there are a couple of new features. One that has been asked for particularly by those with many organisations is the ability to give a name to the organisation. The service will still initially assign the name to those lovely six random characters that remain the identifier and feature in the URL for the organisation.


Most importantly the new design gives us space for growth of both this service and the other IoT services that our engineers a busy working away on. No sneak previews of those here I’m afraid. So for the next round of updates watch this space!

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