• Want to extend MessageSight to support legacy devices with custom protocols?
  • Need to support a particular protocol for a specific industry like smart metering?
  • Need to support a custom HTTP-based protocol?

With the MessageSight protocol plugin you can!

In MessageSight we’ve made the Protocol plugin point production ready.¬† Start with the protocol plugin SDK to begin developing your own plugin in Java.¬† One of the key reasons that customers have been interested in this to enable them to support their deployment of existing devices using the same infrastructure as new MQTT based devices, giving them a smoother transition to a better infrastructure.

Now certify server-side with individual client certificates!  MessageSight has supported CA (Certificate Authority) certificates and intermediate CA certificates to certify client certificates for a long time.  CA certificates enable MessageSight to be able to authorise a range of client certificates without needing to load each of those certificates into MessageSight.  As the numbers grow into hundreds, thousands and then into hundreds of thousands, loading client certificates would quickly become unmanageable.  However, you may like to certify application server connections with certificates as well as client connections.  For application servers which there will be a small number, loading individual client certificates is a workable solution which is now supported in MessageSight  See Configuring client certificates for details in Knowledge Center

Simpler scripted administration and deployment: You can now accept the IBM MessageSight version 1.2 license by using the imaserver set AcceptLicense command on the command line or in a script. Using this command is equivalent to agreeing to and accepting the license by using the IBM MessageSight Web UI. For details about the command, see imaserver set AcceptLicense in our Knowledge Center

To hear John, Bernard and Caroline talk you through the latest updates – have a listen to the IBM Messaging podcast episode 18 here – http://bit.ly/MessageSightv1203

Download the fixpack below and get started! ¬†–¬†http://bit.ly/MSFPdownload

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