In August last year we released version 2 of the Watson IoT Platform APIs, including all the features from the version 1 API and introducing new features and new ways to interact with existing features of the platform, including: 

  • Device Management, including firmware download, update and reboot
  • Bulk operations – to register multiple devices at once
  • Get and update device location
  • Diagnostics: Access logs and error codes
  • Status of the service
  • Access extension services¬†

Swagger version 2 API documentation

If you aren’t taking advantage of the version 2 APIs, we recommend making the change now and starting to take advantage of these great new features. ¬†
If you’re using our Watson IoT client libraries, then you’ll find you’re already using our version 2 APIs (providing you have updated your libraries since November 2015). ¬†

Watson IoT client libraries

Withdrawal of the version 1 APIs

We know that many users have already moved, but be aware that we plan to discontinue support of the version 1 APIs meaning they will no longer be available from 1st June 2016.

How to migrate if you are using version 1 APIs

If you’re using our Watson IoT client libraries, then just download the latest version for your language and environment from the links above.
If you are calling the RESTful apis directly from another client, then you’ll need to check whether the URLs have changed for the functionality that you’re using.

See this blog post for details of changes between the version 1 and version 2 APIs and the kinds of changes you’ll need to make in your application. ¬†

For reference:

If you are still using the version 1 API and have any questions about migrating your applications to the current version of the API please get in touch.

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