With IBM® Streaming Analytics for Bluemix™, you can perform real-time analysis on data in motion as part of your Bluemix application. The Streaming Analytics service is powered by IBM InfoSphere® Streams, which is an advanced analytic platform that custom applications use to quickly ingest, analyze, and correlate information as it is produced by real-time data sources. InfoSphere Streams can handle very high data rates and perform its analysis with predictable low-latency, so your application can operate at the speed of data.

I am pleased to announce a recipe where we engage the Streaming Analytics service to analyze the events published by IoT devices, on the IBM Watson IoT Platform. IBM Watson Internet of Things Platform is a fully managed, cloud-hosted service that makes it simple to derive value from Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The platform provides simple, but powerful application access to IoT devices and data. Via the recipe, we demonstrate the analysis of IoT events and perform the following operation on Streaming Analytics service:

  • View Events – Displays the events in the Streaming Analytics dashboard.
  • Threshold Based Anomaly detection – Detects the threshold breach and sends a command back to the device to take corrective actions.
  • Anomaly detection – Detects the anomaly by comparing the current set of values with previous set and reports to device using the command.
  • Statistics calculation over a period of time – Aggregates the events for a specified time, computes the statistics and sends back to device as a command.

I encourage you to visit the recipe to learn the details.

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