The Internet of Things is bigger than any single company. That’s why IBM Watson IoT has more than 1,400 partners in an ever growing ecosystem and more than 4,000 client engagements in 170 countries. Together with these partners we provide an unbeatable portfolio of trusted technology hardware, software, cloud and implementation solutions to help business across numerous industries to leverage the power of Cognitive IoT.

IBM has always been strategic about how we forge partnerships with other companies. We look for partners that share our passion for putting the power of IoT in the hands of as many creative individuals as possible. Individuals that will bring the internet into virtually all the things that we can interact with. Therefore, it is with great pride that IBM is working together with AT&T to bring the next wave of powerful new technologies and services specifically for IoT developers and entrepreneurs.
Watch my video blog to hear all about how IBM Watson IoT is helping empower developers to lead IoT innovation and how this new partnership will accelerate our momentum:

Announcement Details:

The IBM Watson IoT and AT&T solution combines AT&T M2X, AT&T Flow Designer and AT&T Control Center with the IBM Watson IoT Platform and Bluemix services on IBM Cloud, offering access to powerful analytics and APIs, including 10+ IBM Watson cognitive APIs, OpenWhisk ‘serverless’ computing APIs, and other IBM Bluemix services. It provides the ability to deploy apps on the IBM Cloud, providing more visibility and understanding into the ‘things’ they connect.

  • AT&T provides Flow Designer, a graphical application assembly tool, based on IBM’s Node-RED with additional enterprise capabilities, such as multi-cloud deployment, source control over Flows and a new set of nodes designed for or easy access to IBM and Bluemix services, such as the Watson IoT Platform, Watson cognitive API, Weather API, NoSQL databases, and more. In addition, those flows can be deployed as running containers on IBM Softlayer for a broad range of IaaS capabilities.
  • AT&T is introducing an “IoT in a box” concept that will help developers jump-start their IoT projects. The new starter kit provides the tools you need for IoT innovation including connectivity, LTE hardware, application services, cloud storage, and more. This toolkit helps developers take advantage of next-generation 4G LTE connectivity and allows tech innovators to create IoT solutions quickly and efficiently.
  • There is a new deal for IBM’s DeveloperWorks Premium Subscribers who will receive a SIM card with up to 6 months of data to use with AT&T’s new IoT Starter Kit for free. DeveloperWorks Premium Subscribers also receive substantial discounts and credits for all important developer needs including: 12-month Bluemix subscription, and credit for the Watson IoT platform and other Bluemix services, books, conferences, and more.
  • AT&T is exposing their IoT Services in the IBM Cloud Marketplace, and eventually directly in the Bluemix catalog, so that clients can access these great IoT capabilities from AT&T and IBM in a single location.


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