A strong and diverse ecosystem is critical to help business across numerous industries to leverage the power of Cognitive IoT.  In a recent blog post Bret Greenstein announced an exciting new partnership between IBM and AT&T to bring the next wave of powerful new technologies and services to IoT developers,  entrepreneurs and enterprises alike.

As part of that ongoing collaboration, I’m pleased to report¬†that IBM’s Watson IoT Platform now includes a built in integration with AT&T’s Control Center. ¬†With this new integration, devices in the IoT Platform can be linked to AT&T Control Center to allow quick access to billing and usage information, SIM card state, and other information.

From Watson IoT Platform, you can configure the integration very quickly, by just providing information about your AT&T Control Center account. Then you can add the ICCID (SIM identifier) from AT&T to the device’s details, after which you can view and control AT&T Control Center devices directly from the Watson IoT Platform dashboard.

AT&T Control Center is powered by Jasper so you can get started with now by following the tutorial in our Jasper recipe.  Just remember to pick the AT&T option on the settings page.

This integration is part of our ongoing efforts to simplify and provide more value in IoT deployments through linkages with our Watson IoT partners.

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