Intel IoT gateway devicesIndustry leaders IBM and Intel are teaming up to help commercial developers speed and simplify IoT development.  The collaboration provides developers with a complete set of development tools for IoT from the edge to the cloud. Commercial IoT developers can now combine hardware, software, training and starter assets to quickly envision, prototype, test and deploy commercial-grade IoT solutions.  Learn more on our Intel partner page and on Intel’s blog announcement.

Together, IBM and Intel offer the tools commercial developers need to start building IoT applications now.  Here’s how:

  • IBM Watson IoT Platform delivers an open, cloud platform that delivers value from IoT devices and gateways with services for device registration, connectivity, storage and more.
  • The Intel IoT Developer Kit provides powerful, production-ready hardware and software that connects and communicates with a wide range of sensor devices.

The new Intel IoT Commercial Developer Kit connects quickly to Watson IoT on IBM Cloud to help rapidly build and deploy IoT cloud applications from the edge to the cloud. Infuse a new kind of thinking into objects, systems and processes quickly and easily by merging IoT data with Watson cognitive technologies using the Intel IoT Gateway.

Joint training workshops in the second half of 2016 will be provided in cities around the world.  Events are being planned in the San Francisco bay area, New York, London, Germany, Bangalore and Tokyo.

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