The Watson IoT Platform Analytics team has been hard at work on a new feature enabling analytics at the edge of the network. We announced the forthcoming capabilities back in 2016 with Cisco and several of our joint beta customers. Today, our edge analytics are live in the Watson IoT Platform with an SDK that will allow almost any gateway to host our edge analytics. With these new capabilities, you can configure your analytics in the cloud then push them out to ‘edge-ready’ gateways (now available from several partners) that sit out in the network close to the source of device and sensor data.

Why is this important? Because getting access to data can be a challenge, and analyzing data at the right time and place is crucial for making decisions about operations. You need to act on some data in near real-time, close to the source to ensure continuous operations run smoothly, and other data needs deeper analysis to understand broader implications and cross site, cross fleet patterns.

As Harriet Green described it in the announcement:

“It’s about analyzing time-critical information on site, in real time. And it’s about filtering out other data, moving it to the cloud, integrating it with important contextual information, and using it to inform strategic decision-making and long-term investments. Put simply, it’s about maximizing the time to benefit of all IoT data.”

A variety of operations and solutions can benefit from edge analytics. For example, remote operations such as mining, drilling, pipelines, solar and wind farms, and power substations often have constraints on their communication channels including intermittent connectivity, limited bandwidth, and higher cost of transmitting data. In these cases, you need to manage the flow of data while responding locally with low latency and still forward a subset of data to a central location for deeper analysis. In continuous process industries such as manufacturing plants, refineries, chemical plants, and power generation, operations run 24/7 and real-time decisions must be made on site. They need a solution that allows them to tap into new analytics capabilities, such as cognitive and predictive analytics, while maintaining autonomy to process data and make fast, automated decisions locally regardless of network connectivity back to the enterprise or cloud.

With Watson IoT Platform Edge Analytics, we can analyze data where it makes the most sense while filtering out low value data and forwarding high value data to the cloud. We enable customers to leverage the power of the cloud–flexibility, ability to scale up and down, and rich services and analytics–with the ability to distribute analytics to the source to monitor more data, respond faster, and still deliver the right data to the cloud for deeper analysis.


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  1. Is this service (Edge Analytics) available for public ?

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