Deviceflow-1 Management capabilities form a key element in the features offered by the IBM Watson IoT Platform. With the availability of custom Device Management Extensions (DME’s), the vendors and the devices that support the DME’s have a significant role to play in the IoT solutions. The class of registered & un-registered devices form the core of the IoT solutions and any unevenness in their behavior, hurts the trust component. For sure, identifying the issue with a device (registered or un-registered) is one side of the coin, and fixing the same remotely or in automated manner, forms the other. Hence, it is pivotal to track, diagnose and fix the issues with devices, for the crucial success of the IoT solutions.

We introduce a recipe titled Automating Device Diagnostics, Updates & Quick fixes where we engage IBM Watson IoT Platform and demonstrate diagnosing issues with connected devices (devices connected through the Gateway) with capabilities that fix issues in an automated orchestra.  Trust this recipe contributes to your IoT missions by reducing margin for errors and optimizing operations.


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