Watson IoT reinforces¬†IBM’s commitment to Node-RED & the JS Foundation by contributing new nodes¬†and simulators to help developers get started quickly and easily with Watson IoT Platform and open tooling.

Try out this preview release of a set of nodes, device simulators and a sample application in Node-RED that can speed-up your IoT development work. The preview is built around a Sample IoT solution for Climate Control composed of three major components:. Watson IoT Platform, Node-Red, and a device simulator available as a GitHub project:github.com/ibm-watson-iot/iot-climate-control-sample .

We welcome your feedback and suggestions, so use the comment form below or the “Give Feedback” link in the titlebar of the deployed application.

Deploy to Bluemix If you want to jump right in, just click the Deploy to Bluemix button and follow the instructions in the deployed application.

Otherwise, check out the IoT Climate Control Sample resource page for more information about the nodes, simulators, and sample app.

Questions and Feedback

If you have any questions about this sample, search in developerWorks Answers or post a new question there with the iot tag and “climate control sample” in the title.

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*The maximum number of virtual devices for this solution has been tested and limited to 19.

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  1. […] Most recently, IBM published a climate control sample app to GitHub that includes IBM Watson IoT Platform, Node-RED, and device simulators to help you speed up your IoT development work. […]

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