anz_dirty_img Ever entered an Elevator with a dirty floor or conference room which is not tidy enough and had called up for maintenance ? These are very common experiences in Office spaces, malls and hotels. Facilities struggle with maintaining round the clock staff to ensure a neat and welcoming ambience for their visitors. Realizing a need to address this problem, we introduce a recipe titled Elevator floor maintenance with Cognitive services that engage of IBM Watson IoT Platform and Watson Visual Recognition APIs to maintain tidy environments.flow

IBM Watson IoT Platform periodically collects images from a inbuilt camera to be fed and analyzed by IBM Watson Visual Recognition service. If the results of the image analysis determine a need for a cleanup, the IBM Watson IoT Platform alerts the facilities manager to schedule a clean-up service. The recipe engages Raspberry Pi with a camera as the device to capture data at the source. The Pi simulates inbuilt CCTVs and cameras that already exist in Elevators, malls and office spaces. Hopefully this recipe will trigger its applicability at your facilities and homes.

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  1. Hello Mr. Srinivas,

    This can have much greater effect in Safety aspects, especially in industries. Imagine a large aeration tank (Water tank) of 30 ft depth, in a water treatment plant, normally the perimeter of the tank will be fenced, but if there is damage in the fence or if there are any obstacles in the path way, that can mean disaster to the persons who might not be aware of those things, the disasters in the safety aspects can be huge loss to the company, and such things can be definitely avoided by innovative technologies like these.


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