As a device developer you have various options when it comes to microcontrollers you might want to embed into your end product. One important device is the ARM mbed enabled device. mbed is a platform and operating system for internet-connected devices based on 32-bit ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers. Such devices are also known as Internet of Things devices.

Now you can develop mbed devices in a more efficient manner due to the direct connection IBM Watson IoT Platform has with the ARM mbed Platform. In fact, I believe, as Internet of Things grow, there will be a large increase in these smaller, less powered devices making it imperative to have a way to quickly implement them into the various end-products which are required to produce today. This fusion of platforms has allowed the inspiration of new working processes!
That’s right! Thanks to ARM & IBM’s tightly integrated platform; device developers have a one-stop-shop to leverage IBM’s Watson analytics, storage, & security with a direct connection.

To get started, check out the recipe available here:
The following architecture shows the integration between the two platforms. The recipe above will take you through the steps necessary to integrate and leverage the capabilities of both platforms for ARM mbed microcontrollers.

ARM & IBM Plat Int Architecture
ARM & IBM Plat Int Architecture

This integration will provide the art of the possible and articulate how easy devices can be developed and solutions can be created, for our device developer communities.

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