I’m pleased to announce that we have released our Edge Analytics SDK! Edge Analytics enables data processing and analytical computations to be performed close to the source instead of waiting for data to be sent back to a centralized location. These analytical services can run on gateways, industrial computers, routers or servers in the local environment. Analyzing data as it is generated decreases latency in responding to emerging conditions, and increases scalability by filtering out low value data and reducing the network burden of moving large volumes of data. By distributing data processing and analytics out to the edge of the network, you can more easily apply a rich set of analytics on site with flexibility to start small and scale up and still maintain continuous operations even if the network goes down.

We announced our initial release of edge analytics with Cisco in June last year. The newly available SDK allows anyone to integrate the Watson IoT Platform Edge Analytics Agent with your gateway or solution. Using the Edge Analytics SDK, you can integrate the agent to analyze data quickly at the edge without worrying about intermittent network connectivity, latency, cost, or bandwidth. And the agent integrates your edge devices and data into the Watson IoT Platform.

The SDK enables gateways and solutions to

  • Identify and register devices with the edge analytics agent and the Watson IoT Platform
  • Connect devices and data to the edge agent
  • Respond to alerts and handle actions when the analytics identify interesting conditions
  • Manage the state of local analytics including monitoring, starting, and stopping
  • Securely communicate with the Watson IoT Platform

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3 comments on"Edge Analytics SDK now available"

  1. It’s exciting! I think it will be used in the field that we need to do some filtering and real-time computing. So the SDK is important for IoT.

  2. Greg Knowles March 03, 2017

    Thanks, Keyu! Completely agree!

  3. Thank you i agreed

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