The latest MessageSight V2.0 IFIX has been released: As always, MessageSight admins can monitor the following page for new releases: Fixes Released for MessageSight. contains a fix for an issue that can occur if a disconnecting client sends a retained will message to a full subscription, which can cause the server to trap.

As the FIX README technotes mention, all our fixes released on Fix Central are cumulative back to the original first release of the product. That is, they contain all fixes that have ever been released previously in an official fix vehicle. This is true simply by virtue of the way we build and package the product.

So this fix also includes the fixes from the previous IFIX release ( that I didn’t have time to blog about. This IFIT18788 build included several fixes for configuration import/export issues we discovered recently and some code cleanups we discovered from code inspection of this code. This IFIX would be important for customers who plan/need to migrate from 1.2 to 2.0 and use the import/export method.

This is a good time to point out that because of the way we build and package our fixes, they can be used for the initial install of the server. And, because of some fixes that didn’t make it into the GA release, I strongly recommend not installing the GA build at all. Indeed, as a general policy, I would always recommend downloading/installing the most recent IFIX from Fixes Released for MessageSight for the initial product install. This will get you all the latest fixes and get your installed environment instantly current on security fixes, and likely help avoid some future security update maintenance outages.

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  1. Is it also possible to get the fixes as a developer package. I’m running a home version for education purposes and I wasn’t able to download them.

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