The Watson Internet of Things Platform Lite Plan new quota is now live!

Free of charge, you get:

  • 500 registered devices (previously 20)
  • 500 application bindings (previously 10)
  • 200MB of each data exchanged, data analyzed and edge data analyzed (previously 100MB)

The new Lite Plan will allow you to build a more comprehensive proof of concept for your IoT application.

With the Lite Plan, you can:

  • Build your Proof of Concept for free
  • Try out all the capabilities of our market leading Watson IoT Platform, including the Advanced Security features
  • Migrate your project from the Proof of Concept to Production with a single click.

It is incredibly easy to build an IoT application on the Watson IoT Platform. Sign up for the Watson IoT Platform here, and build your first IoT app today, with inspiration from one of the many developerWorks recipes.

Are you wondering how much your IoT project would cost in production? Check it out using our Watson IoT Calculator.

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