Although there are a million uses for drones it seems most people only think they are used today in the consumer space for viewing your latest ski trip, weddings and sports events from afar. It is even more powerful to grasp the need for drones in the enterprise world.

Drones for Work!

What if your company needed to get access to an area every day repeatedly but it was a long distance away and it required you to bring on additional team members? Or worse, what if you are required to do an on-sight inspection yourself because of budget constraints? Oil fields and oil platforms are just one kind of industry that requires these types of inspections on a regular basis. Drones will be extremely helpful in these situations.

Doing more with less…

Due to budget constraints many businesses often require having less employees with more work load. What if you were working with less police staff due to these constraints? Suddenly an emergency occurs and you were notified about it, but lack of staff would not allow anyone to check on the situation. What would you do? In order to manage the situation and also help ensure the safety of your staff you could deploy a drone to monitor an area so that you can have staff act on other more critical situations.

With Watson IoT Platform and IBM you can auto launch a drone triggered by an event. Watson’s cognitive capabilities allow for the data it collects to be translated, tracked and acted on effectively. Therefore, it’s not necessary to hire additional staff; you can effectively leverage the existing staff you have on hand. These events are critical and need monitoring. With the population on this earth rising constantly we are all required to do more with less daily. Using drones in the work force is a necessary, cost effective way to do business.

I’m here to tell you that IBM has a solution that will give you a HUGE return on your investment!!! Your golden nugget is here!

IBM Cognitive Intelligence + Business Partners

Unmanned Air Vehicles + Watson IoT can be used as a ‘sensor of sensors’ solution to see, feel, touch and think on our behalf. Allowing us to be much more productive on a daily basis.

IBM has successfully integrated and created various drone-based solutions with its business partners such as Aerialtronics, H3Dynamics, Sensurion, and DJI, and ESRI to name a few. Since IBM does not make devices, we need partners now more than ever to help bring Watson to see, touch, hear and ‘think’!

IBM has been working diligently over the past 6 years with drones! However over the past 3 years, due to the new IoT Platform release from Watson IoT, we are able to enable a unique solution leveraging the cognitive capabilities of Watson, with drones. Our platform connects devices, such as drones and its sensors (I like to call them a sensor of sensors), so that data can be transferred in near real-time to the IBM Cloud. This gives Watson a quick way to help your business with insights from cognitive analysis. Intelligent ways to make more precise decisions! This will save you time and money.

I challenge you as a new or existing business partner, to reach out and leverage the tools IBM provides to enable joint solutions and integration with our powerful cognitive capabilities today!

If you would like to learn more about Watson IoT Platform as well as other Watson cognitive capabilities and how they can help you in your business; please reach out to me @tsieg on twitter, on LinkedIn or and I will help you get started immediately!

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