In my previous blog I discussed the excitement I see in the IoT markets around the untapped potential of Digital Twins.  I also mentioned a range of new features we are introducing into Watson IoT Platform to help support the digital twin concepts.

I’m pleased to announce that the first major elements of this capability are now generally available as a completely new data transformation pipeline built directly into the Watson IoT Platform. ¬†The best news is there is no additional cost for using these new features!

You can now use the new data management feature to configure a Device Twin to expose a normalized view of the data to your applications.

A Device Twin is a digital representation in the cloud of a physical device or sensor that is connected to Watson IoT Platform. A Device Twin creates a logical model of the properties and events coming from a particular sensor or device. Once defined and instantiated, the Device Twin provides a consistent means of interacting with a device in a REST-like manner, regardless of whether the device is online or offline. Because a twin’s definition can be shared by multiple devices of different makes and models, your IoT application can now be insulated from variability and change within the device ecosystem.

In the first release these capabilities are available through our HTTP APIs. Soon they will also be available through our user interface.  So please try them out and lets us know what you think.

As always we welcome your feedback either in the comments below or on Stack overflow using the tag watson-iot

For more documentation on how to use Device Twins in Watson IoT Platform go to:

And for a simple example of how device twins works go to:

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