We are excited about launching (now in Beta) the IoT Gateway package in the Cloud Functions catalog. With this package, you can publish device events from Cloud Functions to Watson IoT Platform.

The Cloud Functions serverless architecture, which uses rules to bind events, triggers, and actions to each other, helps you quickly create and modify scalable action sequences to meet the evolving needs of IoT development. With Cloud Functions, you only pay for the time that your code is processing actions; you might see considerable cost savings compared to other technologies, such as virtual machines, runtime, and containers, which continue to take up memories even if they are not being fully utilized.

The sample app in this package shows how unstructured data can be processed using Watson IoT Platform. Drones or IP Cameras can take images of objects (for example, machines and cell towers) and use Cloud Functions to call the Watson Visual Recognition API to identify visible defects. The structured data (in the form of JSON responses) that is returned from Watson Visual Recognition can then be sent to the Watson IoT Platform for further data analytics.

  1. Drones or IP cameras send image files to a Cloudant NoSQL database.
  2. Cloudant triggers a Cloud Functions request.
  3. The Cloud Functions request calls Watson Visual Recognition API to analyze the image and process the unstructured data to JSON format.
  4. The request calls the IoT Gateway package in Cloud Functions. This IoT Gateway automatically registers the associated devices (drones or IP cameras) on the Watson IoT Platform and sends the JSON data to Watson IoT Platform.
  5. Watson IoT Platform takes actions based on the data analytics.

Are you ready to use serverless computing to build an IoT application? Try the Watson IoT Gateway package in the Cloud Functions! Read more about the Watson IoT Gateway Package in the docs.

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  1. I want to know any things about IOT in elderlies

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