Software bridge solution connects Arm Mbed IoT Device Management Platform with IBM’s Watson IoT Platform

By Doug Anson (Arm) and Travis Siegfried (IBM)

Businesses of all types are exploring Internet of Things (IoT) strategies to improve their processes and products by tapping into the unrealized potential of their data. But implementing IoT at scale requires managing hundreds of millions of connected devices to gather and transmit the data required by IoT, as well as using powerful data analytics solutions to help businesses understand what their data is telling them. It’s a daunting undertaking for any organization; and for most customers, building a functional, scalable and secure IoT network and datacenter from the ground up is beyond their expertise.

Customers need to eliminate much of the device and management complexity involved in building an IoT solution from scratch. Accordingly, it’s up to IoT vendors to bundle the technologies comprising IoT (connectivity, sensors, processing, security, device management, business analytics, etc.) into a consolidated solution to let customers quickly start recouping value from their IoT investment, rather than spending precious IT resources struggling to build a homegrown IoT solution.

In IoT, industry collaboration is critical in driving real business use cases, lowering barriers to adoption and delivering value to end-users. That is why we’re proud to offer a software bridge solution connecting Arm’s Mbed Cloud IoT device management integration with the IBM Watson IoT platform. Customers of both organizations can seamlessly implement a complete end-to-end IoT strategy that incorporates device management (connectivity, provisioning, over-the-air-updates, security), while also driving meaningful insights through business analytics.
Mbed Cloud: Managing IoT devices at scale with ease

Integrated as part of the Watson IoT Platform on the IBM Cloud, the software bridge automates several key applications, so the two platforms can understand each other as they share data across IoT. Specifically, these include:

Device representation: represent a device seen in Mbed Cloud as an equivalent device in IBM’s Watson IoT Platform – a device “shadow” is created to represent the Mbed device in higher layer clouds

Event mapping: transfer and convey device telemetry and events upstream to higher layer clouds

Message translation: automatically translate between the native Mbed Cloud and message formats on the IBM Watson IoT Platform

Protocol mapping: integrate directly into the Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) messaging backplane protocol in the IBM Watson IoT Platform

By automating much of this functionality, IT teams can easily add new devices and manage firmware updates over-the-air for devices already deployed in the field. The ability to automatically update firmware across millions of devices is invaluable when installing security updates or bug fixes; automation is the only way to manage devices at that kind of scale.

With Mbed Cloud handling device management responsibilities, customers will be able to manage even the largest IoT networks easily, and ensure that the IBM Watson IoT Platform has secure, reliable access to the data sets it needs to power its analytics and present customers with actionable process and product changes to improve their products and services.

Arm Mbed Cloud bridge simplifies interactions between connected IoT devices and the IBM Watson IoT Platform through device representation, event mapping, message translation and protocol mapping. In this way, the entire Mbed ecosystem is integrated into the IBM Cloud where customers can access IBM Watson analytics services.

The IBM Watson IoT Platform

IBM’s Watson IoT Platform is a secure, smart and scalable hub for your IoT landscape, which gives you the ability to completely manage your IoT infrastructure and make better business decisions in real-time. Take advantage of secure, globally distributed data, analytics and cloud facilities, edge capabilities and a rich ecosystem of suppliers and solution providers.

Both Arm and IBM are attending the Hannover Messe tradeshow this week in Hannover, Germany (Arm booth: Hall 6, Stand A46 IBM Booth: Hall 7 Stand C16). To learn more about the Arm Mbed Cloud bridge and the IBM Watson IoT Platform, please visit either booth and schedule a meeting for a live demonstration. Or reach out to Travis Siegfried, Global Cognitive AI & Vision Partnership Leader on Twitter, @tsieg or LinkedIn

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