It’s time to put your IoT Data to Work!

I’m pleased to announce our new APIs for defining rules in IBM Watson IoT Platform are now generally available.

Rules are condition-based decision points that match real-time device data with predefined threshold values or other property data to trigger an alert if a condition is met.

Rules are associated with a Logical Interface and are written against the device state. You can associate one or more rules with a Logical Interface.  Rules get evaluated when a device event that is received could affect the device state as defined by the Logical Interface.

If your not up to speed on Logical Interfaces yet take a look here for an introduction to our whole data management concept and here for a step-by-step guide.

What’s New?

This new approach to rules provides a number of benefits over our previous approaches such as:

  • Rules are defined against Logical Interface schemas for more simple validation against other data management resources.
  • Rules are built using the same open standard expression language (JSONata) used for data management property mappings.
  • Rules are evaluated more quickly as they run in the same processing pipeline as the data management property mappings.
  • Rules are evaluated “per event” as opposed to in micro-batches reducing latency.

Rule conditions

You can configure rules to publish an event based on predefined conditions determining the timing and frequency of notifications. This enables you to ensure that notifications are sent to alert users when data falls outside of normal ranges and conditions, while controlling the number of alerts that are triggered for a rule over a period of time. For example, you can configure a rule such that a trigger event is published when the temperature of the device spikes for a specified amount of time. Notifications can be sent every time the conditions specified in a rule are met, only the first time they are met, when they are met a certain number of times, or when they are met for a certain duration.

We will continue to bring further enhancements to the way Watson™ IoT Platform delivers rules and actions.  If you have any further questions or feedback please contact IBM for further support.

For more information see our product documentation:


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