IBM Watson IoT Platform is continually making improvements to its service to enhance scalability, security and performance for our clients.   Most of these changes are completely transparent to our users.
However one upcoming change will modify the IP address of the messaging endpoints, i.e. the IP addresses that your devices and applications connect to at <orgId> It will not affect the addresses used by the endpoint at <orgId> that are used mainly for administering the platform.

What is changing?

The host name used for your organization – <orgid> – will not change, but the underlying DNS record will change to map it to three new IP addresses to provide higher availability.

We will be staging the change as follows:

  1. The new IP addresses will be made available first, with the DNS records still pointing to the old IP address
  2. The DNS records will be switched to point to the new addresses
  3. The old IP addresses will be withdrawn, but only when devices and applications have switched over to use new addresses

This change will not be deployed until April 15th 2019 at the earliest to give users time to prepare for this change.

Will this affect me?

This change affects public instances of the Watson IoT Platform service running in the IBM Cloud us-south, eu-gb and eu-de regions.  This includes Watson IoT SaaS offerings that include Watson IoT Platform.

We expect most users will not be affected by the change, and the switchover will happen automatically. Devices or applications that perform a DNS lookup when they connect to Watson IoT Platform will simply start using a new IP address the first time that they connect after the change has been made. 

There are two situations where the change will have an effect:

1. If you have had to configure a firewall rule to allow devices, gateways or applications to make outbound connections to the existing Watson IoT Platform endpoint. These rules are typically expressed using an IP address range, so you will need a rule that uses the three new IP ranges.

2. If you have devices, gateways or applications that connect using an explicit IP address, e.g., they will need to be reconfigured to use the new addresses. We would recommend that devices, gateways and applications are configured to use a host name rather than an IP address.

What do I need to do if I am affected?

1. If you have firewall rules you will need to update them, as follows: 

i) Add rules to allow access to the new IP address ranges, leaving the old rules in place so that devices can continue to connect in the interim.  You can find the new IP address ranges here:

ii) We will update the platform documentation when we have finally removed the old addresses, and you can remove the old firewall rules at that point. 

2. If you have devices that use explicit IP addresses, you should reconfigure them to use the host name <orgId> 

As always we welcome your feedback.

6 comments on"Advanced Notice – Watson IoT Platform endpoint IP address changes"

  1. Will the certs needs to be re-imported or changed?

    • Hi Anurag,
      Thanks for your question.
      We working working to ensure this process is as simple as possible for all our IoT customers. You should not need to re-import or change your existing certificates.

  2. i cant connect the nodered to ibm .Have tried multiple times.

  3. Hi,
    I have tried many times connecting to Watson IoT Platform with locally hosted node-red but it is not getting connected.Earlier it was connecting with out any error.

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