IBM Watson IoT Platform is continually making improvements to its service to enhance scalability, security and performance for our clients.  Last year we started introducing new features in to provide users with improved ways to define rules on your IoT device data.  We have continued to refine and enhance these capabilities to provide a fully featured data management pipeline offering data transformation, condition based rules, and rule based actions.  Now it is time for us to clean up some older and now obsolete parts of the service.

What is changing?

Over the last year, in parallel with the introduction of these new features we have slowly withdrawn access to some of our older features offering similar capabilities.  We have continued to support existing clients whilst they migrate their workloads to our new APIs.  With that work complete, we are now announcing that this old rules feature, sometimes referred to as ‘Real Time Insights’ will be completely removed from the IBM Watson IoT Platform service by June 21st 2019.

Will this affect me?

This change affects public instances of the Watson IoT Platform service running in the IBM Cloud us-south and eu-gb regions.  This includes Watson IoT SaaS offerings that include Watson IoT Platform.

This change will only have an effect if you have older orgs that are still running rules based on the Real Time Insights APIs. 

What do I need to do if I am affected?

Take a look at our new rules and actions APIs and consider updating your app to take advantage of the new features. For more information see our product documentation:


As always we welcome your feedback.


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