IBM Watson IoT Platform is continually making improvements to its service to enhance scalability, security and performance for our clients.  Last year we introduced new APIs that improved the way you connect our platform to other IBM cloud services.  Now it is time for us to complete the transition of all service-to-service bindings across to these new APIs such that the older mechanisms can be withdrawn.

What is changing?

On  13th September 2019, we are going to sunset the Cloud Foundry-based service-to-service binding system used to export your device data to Cloudant and/or EventStreams.  Instead, users can use our new APIs to allow your device data to be exported in exactly the same way with exactly the same format, without depending on Cloud Foundry-specific functionality. This change will also improve the reliability, performance, and security of your bindings, as well as offering more flexibility.

Will this affect me?

This change will affect all public instances of the Watson IoT Platform service running in the IBM Cloud us-south, eu-gb and eu-de regions. This includes Watson IoT SaaS offerings that include Watson IoT Platform. Any user with Cloud Foundry-based service-to-service bindings is affected, and you will need to take action before the 13th September 2019 or your bindings will cease to function. You can determine if this applies to you by navigating to the Extensions tab in your web console.  If your page lists any service bindings like the Cloudant-hou02-1-lite entry in Figure 1 then you will need to take action by following the instructions below.

Figure 1 – Watson IoT Platform extensions tab showing a single Cloudant binding ready to be migrated.

What do I need to do if I am affected?

We are providing tooling in our web console to automate the migration procedure.  For your security and privacy IBM does not have access to the authentication keys for the services to which your platform instance is bound. You will need to enter these credentials into the migration assistant in the dialog shown:

The migration assistant will then take care of the rest of the procedure on your behalf.  Once the migration process has started you may experience a momentary pause in message flow. Please be aware there is a window of approximately 1 second during the migration process where a small number of messages may be dropped.  For EventStreams bindings, there will also be a short window where you may receive a small number of duplicate events (i.e. a single device event may be written to EventStreams twice).

For more details, please refer to the service binding migration guide.

If you have any further questions or need additional help please contact us through our usual support channels

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