Better Monitoring on the Device Connection Status!

I’m pleased to announce our API for monitoring the connection status of clients is generally available in the IBM Watson IoT Platform after a beta period.

What’s New?

By querying Device Connectivity Status API, you can see whether a device or set of devices are on-line or off-line, and the time of last connection and disconnection. You can tell the time of the last activity and what the last activity events were. When you see a disconnection, you can find out the reason by querying the entity that caused a disconnection and the MQTT reason code for a disconnection.

While you already have the ability to subscribe to device status messages and to retrieve the connection log events, this new API would help you to easily monitor the status of devices in the dashboard and run the quick report to gain further insights.

How can I get started?

Get started with Device Connectivity Status feature by enabling it through the General Settings. After activation, you can start querying Connection Status.


For more information regarding step-by-step guideline, visit our documentation page.

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