This is a notice to inform that Watson IoT Platform now includes support for IBM Cloud™ resource groups as part of our ongoing efforts to improve service flexibility, scalability, and performance. Resource groups are a new way to manage your IBM Cloud™ resources including your apps or service instances.

What’s Changing?
To be consistent with most other IBM Cloud™ services, all new service instances of Watson IoT Platform will be now added to a resource group when they’re created from the IBM Cloud™ Catalog.

For users with existing Cloud Foundry spaces who wish to benefit from using resource groups, you now have an option to update your services to a resource group.   When you migrate existing Cloud Foundry service instances, the group that you choose can’t be changed after the migration is complete.  So, it’s essential to plan how you want to organize resources in the account before you migrate. This might mean that you need to create one or more resource groups, if you have a billable account, before migrating.

Please note, IBM Watson IoT Platform does not yet support all the Identity and Access Management (IAM) features of IBM Cloud™ resource groups however, after migration, you can continue to use Cloud Foundry roles for controlling access to service instances.

For more information see our product documentation:

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