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IQP, the code-free applications for Bluemix and Watson IoT Platform

IQP is relatively new to the scene but it is starting to get a lot of traction with IBM sales teams as the fastest way to demonstrate...

IoT Needs More Cowbell

” Guess what! I gotta a fever, and the only prescription is MORE cowbell ! ” – Christopher Walken, SNL April 2000  Once you have seen this Christopher Walken’s SNL...

IBM Watson IoT Platform Status Page

The IBM Watson IoT Cloud Operations team have taken a step forward in helping our clients monitor the status of the IBM Watson IoT Platform service....

A developer’s guide to the Internet of Things (IoT)

IBM has teamed up with Coursera to deliver an entry level course on developing solutions for the Internet of Things. This course is designed to...

Announcing IQP for Code-Free App Development

Creating IoT applications just got easier now that IBM and IQP have partnered together to bring IQP’s application builder into Bluemix and fully integrate it...

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Accelerate the development of cognitive computing in your IoT app

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