Devices disconnect immediately after deletion

This blog post is to inform you about an upcoming change in behavior when devices are deleted from the IBM Watson IoT Platform. Previously, when a device was deleted from the registry then it would be allowed to continue to interact with the IoT Platform until it disconnected.  When it attempted to reconnect to the IoT...  Continue reading Devices disconnect immediately after deletion

Watson IoT Platform arrives in Frankfurt

Building on the recent launch of Public Bluemix in Germany, I'm pleased to announce that the Watson IoT Platform is now available in Public Bluemix in Germany, Frankfurt. This increases the number of Public Bluemix locations that you can find the Watson IoT Platform to four - including the US (Dallas), UK (London), China (through...  Continue reading Watson IoT Platform arrives in Frankfurt

Changes to client state

We'd like to let you know about a change coming up in the Watson IoT Platform that affects devices, gateways and applications if they are disconnected for an extended period of time. When a device connects to the platform over MQTT, it can ask the platform to collect commands and actions for it while it is disconnected.  It does that...  Continue reading Changes to client state