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Watson IoT Platform Analytics – Covering all your IoT analytics needs

Overview The Watson IoT Platform provides a spectrum of analytics that enable you to start quickly and realize value immediately and then apply more advanced...

Edge Analytics SDK now available

I’m pleased to announce that we have released our Edge Analytics SDK! Edge Analytics enables data processing and analytical computations to be performed close to...

Edge Analytics SDK now in Beta!

Our Watson IoT Platform Edge Analytics SDK is now live! Please click on this link to learn more.

Edge Analytics Recipe

Recipes are a great way to get started with the Watson IoT Platform. There are literally hundreds out on developerWorks! And we just posted a...

Introducing Edge Analytics!

The Watson IoT Platform Analytics team has been hard at work on a new feature enabling analytics at the edge of the network. We announced...

IoT Real-Time Insights and Watson IoT Platform – a match made in heaven!

Update: I’m pleased to announce that the IoT Platform and IoT Real-Time Insights services have been merged! If you create new Watson IoT Platform service...

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Accelerate the development of cognitive computing in your IoT app

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