Build IoT apps quickly with Node-RED

Node-RED is a flow-based programming environment from the JS Foundation. It provides a palette of nodes that allow users to very quickly wire up IoT applications that can combine streams of both physical and digital events. Its Node.JS runtime is easy to install on both devices and the cloud and provides a framework for extending its capabilities.

A Developer’s Guide to Node-RED will introduce many of Node-RED’s core features, teach developers how to create dashboards for their data, access external systems, and create new nodes for the palette. Once developers have completed the course, they will be able to leverage the full power of Node-RED to continue their IoT development experience.



Unlock the value of your IoT data

The value of IoT can be found within the analysis of data gathered from the system under observation, where insights gained can have direct impact on business and operational transformation. With a focus on exploratory data analysis, this course will show you how to work with the data, depict it in ways that support visual inspections, and derive inferences about the data.

A Developer’s Guide to Exploring and Visualizing IoT Data will help you implement end-to-end analytic workflows at scale, from data acquisition to actionable insights. You can audit the course at no charge, or register for Coursera certification for a modest fee.



Are you ready to develop solutions for IoT?

A Developer’s Guide to the Internet of Things course helps you discover how to create apps that leverage connectivity and analytics as part of an integrated, cloud-based IoT platform. Put the power of the IoT in your hands.

The program is designed to equip you with the basic functionality you need to create your IoT solution. You can audit the course at no charge or sign up for Coursera certification for a modest fee.