We’ve all either been involved with, or impacted by, an application outage. Whether it affected us in our jobs or simply buying gifts online over the holidays, it is never acceptable and leaves a bad taste in our mouth. So what can you do to ensure your mission- critical applications are available 24×7?

It is no longer enough to just react to performance thresholds. You must prevent outages by predicting problems before they become service impacting. In this webcast we will show how IBM Application Performance Management plus IBM Operations Analytics Predictive Insights can help you achieve these goals.

With this new capability, APM will reach new heights, allowing:

  • Increased visibility into your applications
  • Actionable insights powered by historical and real-time data
  • Informed decision-making at all levels of the business.

Webcast Replay: How to Prevent Your Next Application Outage

The Speakers:

  • Matt Rodkey, Product Manager IBM Operations Analytics, Predictive Insights (IBM)
  • Tim Bouhour, Product Manager, Application Performance Management (IBM)