IBM MQ Administrators manage large deployments running hundreds to thousands of queue managers. When a problem is reported in these environments, for example an MQ Application getting a 2354 error while connecting to the queue manager, going manually through AMQERR logs and FDC files can be time consuming. This often requires experienced and skilled IBM MQ Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) to do the root cause analysis.

Using the Log Analysis – IBM MQ Insight Pack, MQ Administrators can analyze AMQERR and FDC files quickly. They can search through them to get insights such as which AMQ message occurred the most? When it first showed in the log and which queue manager generated the error. Administrators can analyze hundreds of FDCs in a few clicks to narrow down to the root cause of the problem. MQ Administrators can leverage IBM Expert advice provided with Log Analysis to review possible solutions to the problem.

The IBM MQ Insight pack supports AMQERR and FDC files from IBM MQ 8.0, MQ Series 7.5, MQ Series 7.1 and MQ Series 7.0.1.

Reference the following for more information on the IBM MQ Insight Pack including downloading the Insight Pack.

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