On June 11, 2015 IBM Operations Analytics – Log Analysis 1.3.1 was delivered and included Insight Packs for both IBM Tivoli Storage Manager and the IBM System Storage DS8000. An Insight Pack is used by Log Analysis to ingest the messages, events and alerts, generated by solutions and devices in logs, for representing the content in analytic dashboards backed by queries for further problem determination.

The Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Insight Pack includes dashboards reflecting metrics from the Storage Manager Activity Logs. Using the displayed dashboard and graphs, customers can track the health of their backup processes. They can also initiate searches against the ingested content to drill down on activity that may be affecting the health and performance of their overall backup and archive. Reference the Tivoli Storage Manager Insight Pack entry for further information on obtaining.

The IBM System Storage DS8000 Insight Pack allows one to analyze user activity, warnings and configuration messages from the DS8000 family of storage devices. This includes sample searches and a forwarder service to collect log messages from your DS8000 devices. Reference the DS8000 Insight Pack entry for further information on obtaining.

Use Log Analysis for a Storage Backup Health Check with the above mentioned Insight Packs, customers gain a view into the health of their backups through TSM to the DS8000 storage device. Taking action on key messages and the alerts generated by TSM and the DS8000, helps to avoid problems before they greatly impact your overall backup process.

Reference the IBM IT Operations Analytics Community for additional Log Analysis Insight Packs.

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