A new version of Log Analysis version 1.3.2 has just been released. This release has a few key capabilities including usability improvements and integration with event management.

Log Analysis can now generate SNMP Traps (as actions) when alert conditions are detected. This allows administrators to integrate these events with event managers like IBM Omnibus or other non-IBM event managers. This capability will help IT administrators to correlate events and errors from application log files to make better decisions on prioritizing IT availability and performance issues. Log Analysis can also send events to IBM’s Omnibus in the native IBM EIF format.

We have added support to view search results in the user’s (or any) time zone instead of the Log Analysis Server time zone. This allows users to analyze search results across multiple data centers and time zones – better without having to keep track of time zone differences and makes for a more useful experience.

The Insight Pack tooling framework has a few enhancements. It is now possible to clone source types and index configurations – which makes configuration easier. Insight Pack developers can include sample log files, license file and documentation as part of the pack.

Staying with Insight Packs, we now have support for IBM & non IBM Middleware components, network devices including IBM DataPower, IBM Business Process Manager, IBM PureApp System, Cisco (iOS based) devices, Microsoft IIS, Checkpoint firewall, F5 and many more.

There are numerous currency updates including support for newer versions of Red Hat Linux (RHEL 7) and Suse Linux (SLES 11, 12). New versions of browsers like Microsoft Edge 10, Firefox ESR 38 and Chrome 44 are also supported.

The release notes for this version are available at and the product documentation should be useful to review.

A free edition of Log Analysis is available to download. Give it a try and let us know your feedback & queries.

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