As solutions evolve they continue to generate larger amounts of data across all levels of the supporting infrastructure. Systems, networks, virtual environments, solutions stacks and mobile devices all create operational data. With Big Data greater real time analytics will be needed to detect operational trends and provide meaningful insights for optimal performance across the IT Infrastructure. IBM Operations Analytics – Log Analysis provides analytics to handle the growing amount of IT Operational data. Recent updates make it easier to store and extract insights from large historical log data, take advantage of enhanced user experience for setting alerts and expand coverage across the IT service ecosystem.

Handling Big Data Insights

Log Analysis provides support for storing ingested log data into Hadoop for historical search and insights on volumes of system content. It also provides an Apache Hadoop Insight Pack for gathering and Analyzing Hadoop log information. With the current Log Analysis 1.3.3 Standard Edition release, customers without a Hadoop distribution can now economically store log content in a fully supported IBM Open Platform for Apache Hadoop instance. An easy to use Administrative User Interface makes it easy to manage the Log Analysis content stored in Hadoop providing key user differentiators.

Upon release of Log Analysis 1.3.3, a key customer commented “Great improvement, we can get the IBM Operations Analytics – Log Analysis and Hadoop component’s status clearly. It is also easy to configure the integration with IBM BigInsights”.

Enhanced User Experience

Along with the enhanced Administrative Interface for managing Hadoop, you can use the interface to view the state of your Log Analysis processes. You get a quick status view of the Log Analysis Core Processes and the underlying Hadoop services. Log Analysis 1.3.3 also provides user enhancements for setting Alerts on insights gained from ingested log data. By using a “Condition Builder” one can set Alerts to enable automatic action based on Keyword matches including base thresholds and matches with de-duplication. This gives Administrators quicker notification on insights in the service environment that needs attention.

A key Business Partner indicated “From an overall platform perspective, providing a User Interface for every configuration option is always useful”.

Expanded Ecosystem Coverage

Log Analysis continues to extend the coverage of specific middleware software and environment devices. This includes adding Insight Packs for providing default dashboards, searches and log ingestion for: IBM Security Access Manager, IBM Security Policy Manager, Microsoft Hyper-V, Oracle Web Logic, SAP Hana, SAP Adaptive Service Enterprise, Red Hat Jboss EAP, Cisco ASA Firewalls and Cisco Nexus devices. With a growing number of Available Insight Packs for Middleware, Applications, Infrastructure, Networking and Storage, IBM Operations Analytics – Log Analysis can provide a picture, using dashboard views and charts, of key issues across your IT environment.

To handle the Big Data needs of your IT Infrastructure, get started with deploying IBM Operations Analytics and the Log Analysis 1.3.3 Standard Edition.

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