In IBM Operations Analytics – Log Analysis it is often desirable to adjust the order of displayed data fields or generate charts showing top hits or categories. Reference the following “How-To” articles for Log Analysis re-order fields and top charts.

Re-ordering Fields during Source Type Cloning

In IBM Operations Analytics – Log Analysis, the “Source Type Cloning” feature allows users to create a new source type using an existing data source types and its details. One of the useful features in source type cloning is the ability to change the order of the fields in existing data source types. This can be a value-add in analyzing log data as a user can group the fields their interested in together. The search results would appear in same order on search user interface that was configured in source type cloning.

The “Source Type Cloning” feature is available from the Log Analysis Administrative User Interface. Reference my “How To” article Re-ordering Fields Source Type Cloning for steps in re-ordering fields.

Generating top N charts

In IBM Operations Analytics – Log Analysis, getting top hits is a frequently asked question for deriving better insights into problem diagnosis. An analyst will always face situations where one would want to analyze data from big data sets. Often one views a chart that renders a lot of facets. A chart with lots of facets will give you some insights about the stockId facets, but what if I tell you that you can drill this down further and modify it to just see top N hits. Lets say the top 10 hits for stockId.

Wouldn’t that be interesting and helpful to derive better insights from your charts and dashboards?

Reference my “How To” article Generating top N charts for information and steps.

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