Additional Predictive Insights meditation packs available in Q3 2017
Predictive Insights provides greater visibility across your applications and infrastructure by continuously learning and understanding your entire environment. Predictive Insights can then proactively alert you to emerging issues prior to any service impacts.

Access to more data provides greater visibility
Context is a vital element when viewing emerging problems across application and infrastructure data. The more visibility that you have, the easier it is to be proactive. Underpinning this value is data and easy access to that data. The more data that you can access, the more you can see.

Solution: out-of-the-box mediations packs
Therefore, the IBM strategy is to provide out-of-the-box integrations to data from leading industry performance and network monitoring solutions, along with your entitlement of IBM Operations Analytics Predictive Insights. These out-of-box integrations are distributed as mediation packs.
Mediation packs help users quickly integrate the KPI data streams by providing a default model to integrate with a particular performance manager. Leveraging a pre-built set of KPIs, using domain expertise from the field, users are able to enable the power of Predictive Insights in a matter of hours.

In Q3, five more mediation packs became available:
• Nagios XI Enterprise Server and Network Monitoring Software,
• IBM Spectrum Control,
• CA Unified Infrastructure Management,
• HP Micro Focus APM
• NetIQ App Manager.

See full list here with deployment instructions here

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