Adding HTML Expert Advice pages to your IBM Operations Analytics (ITOA) – Log Analysis Insight Packs.

It is always a good idea to provide external links to a customer who is going to use your insight pack, so they can refer to those links for troubleshooting guide or even as a reference. This will help the customer in problem solving issues.

HTML Expert advice pages are nothing but simple HTML file with links or references to various external troubleshooting guides. The HTML page gets added to the list of dashboards in your insight pack. Its an optional feature that you can provide to your customer.

How do you provide the HTML Expert Advice dashboard?

The insight pack toolkit that you use to develop and build insight packs contain this capability. The HTML expert advice capability is available in Log Analysis 1.3.1 or higher. The content developer only needs to provide an html file named as “InfoLinks.html”. The necessary support files will be created for you by the insight pack toolkit.

Reference my How-ToInsight Pack Add Expert Advice Page” document for steps in adding expert advice links to an Insight Pack.

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